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Meet Tara

Nurturing growth in style and spirit

Transforming tresses

Embrace your hair journey with me 👇

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With over 5 years in the industry, Tara's passion lies with lived in color and highlights. Enhancing your natural beauty is an art, and she's the master of it! Tara loves to add soft touches to bring out your unique features. Her expertise in bombshell blowouts and balayage will leave you feeling radiant. With Tara, you'll not only leave the salon looking fabulous, but also feeling like a new you. Her sweet and fun personality makes for a wonderful visit every time! From start to finish, she'll make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing.

When Tara isn't busy creating stunning looks at the salon, you can find her cherishing moments with her loved ones, whether she's whipping up a home-cooked meal with them, or indulging in some retail therapy. As much as she loves transforming hair, Tara knows the importance of balance and cherishing life's simple pleasures.

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